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Our expert builders specialise in all types of home renovations. From bathrooms to kitchens, granny flats and home additions, we lead the way...

If you’d like to watch your new extension or home in the suburb take shape without hassle or worry, you'll need a building company you trust. As Bankstown's leading home building company, we enjoy repeat business from many local residents who have had a great experience with our builders. It would be our honour to build your new addition or dream home.

Every new building job we complete standards as a testament to our passion for building and commitment to premium quality finishes...

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All Home Improvements

We can build whatever large-scale home improvement you dream up, & save you money in the process.

Superior Building Skills

Want your new Bankstown home or addition to turn appreciative heads? Our Master Builders' can get you noticed.


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Experienced Duplexes Builders

As the Bankstown suburbs continue to grow, a great many people are opting for duplex homes. A dual-occupancy house can easily double your property's market value. Let our Master builders build you more space for family members or enable you to collect a second income.

Expert Townhouse Builders

You were wise to invest in townhouses. Our team is comprised of highly skilled Master builders. Bankstown contractors engage our services with confidence, as we vouch 100% that every project we undertake exceeds industry standards.

Specialist New Home Builders

In addition to renovations, 'We Build Australia' expertly constructs all types of new homes. Looking for a duplex or single family home in the Bankstown suburbs? We build them both. Whether you need a townhouse, bungalow, or split-level, we can build your dream home within budget.

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Get in touch with 'We Build Australia' Today!Our Builders can Breath New Life into Your Home

We'll never fail to provide you with a fast and detailed quote that contains no hidden surprises. Before we commence on any building plans, we’ll get you a comprehensive breakdown of each project cost so that you don't need to suffer from sticker shock. Many hundreds of repeat customers have thanked us for our dedication to completing projects on time & within budget.

Naturally, we'd expect any customer to obtain quotes from other building companies in Bankstown before initiating any construction, and that's a sensible approach. But please remember to ask them to confirm the following: Are they members of credible builder associations? Will they refer you to satisfied clients who they did similar projects for? Will every site worker be fully bonded and licensed? Can they prove they are expert in local zoning and council planning controls? Will you have full coverage should home warranty or liability issues arise?

We Build is proud to answer ‘yes' to each question. When you sign up with us, expect professional and friendly service and expert workmanship that we back with a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sydney Second Story Addition BuildersExperienced Builders for Additions & Extensions

Moving can be a hair-tearing experience. That's the reason so many people opt to extend or add on to existing homes. Whether you'd like to expand upward or outward, our Bankstown Master Builders can skillfully add valuable space to your home. You could gain additional room for family members, generate rental income, or just enjoy a little hard-earned breathing room.

But many Bankstown suburb properties won't permit homeowners to extend their home footprint outward. In that case it's more cost effective and practical to add a second storey. We Build has developed a leading-edge second story solution that lets you manageably expand on your home. We are able to easily customise this product for your unique situation. Ask us about ways you could benefit from our exclusive second storey solution.

Ground Floor Extensions ConceptNo Matter What Type of Home Extension You Need - We Do It!

Whether you'd like to add on a ground level granny flat, incorporate a new bed or powder room, or make space for a snooker table, we can build your ground floor extension right. Our team of licensed Bankstown builders also provides intelligent guidance on ways to save money as you build. That's because our company has ample experience putting up ground floor additions in the suburb of Bankstown. And we can join your new extension so seamlessly with your current home's structure that new friends would assume it was part of the original house plans.

Long before we draft up any addition plans, we go to great lengths to minimise your expenses. We Build clients have saved lots of money because we advised them of ways to avoid paying for expensive plumbing. For instance, we can let you know creative methods to expand an existing bathroom in order to devote more square footage to your new living area. That will enable you to purchase new furniture or simply hold on to the savings.

Granny flat conceptFrom Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations to Granny Flats

Our comprehensive line of services covers multiple types of home improvement, including kitchen and bathroom renovations, in addition to granny flats. Many We Build clients who order ground floor extensions also request that we tie in a kitchen or bathroom. It's the reason we structured our company to provide a wide range of home improvements and not pursue one particular home renovation type or style.

We offer smart and affordable granny flat packages that you can use to generate a reliable second income in your Bankstown suburb. Our architects and certifiers expertly design your granny flat and get its plans full approval within 21 days. We Build can put up a granny flat in under six weeks – including an attractive brick veneer cladding. And our Bankstown licensed builders deliver outstanding craftsmanship on every single project.

Here's Exactly How to Get Started

It's easy to get things started

Of course you need assurances that any building company you hire will provide top-notch services. Call on (02) 9769 1068 to let us hear about your project and get you a free, no obligation estimate.

We take care of all the details

During your complimentary consultation, we'll start creating a budget-friendly action plan. Then we'll send a firm quote. Once you've approved it, we'll collect a deposit and begin drafting up your amazing new project.