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Whether you're looking to build a beautiful new home, a new duplex or multiple townhouses, our team of expert builders can get the job done...

Having your new home or addition built in the suburb shouldn't give you reasons to worry. If you’d like your project to go without a hassle, you need a building company you trust. As Carlingford's top home builder company, we have many repeat customers who recommend our service to others. We’d feel privileged to build your dream home or addition, too.

Our builders passion and dedication to excellence is evident throughout the amazing finishes we achieve in all of our projects...

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All Home Improvements

'We Build' can skillfully tackle any major home improvement, and keep your costs down, too.

Superior Building Skills

Our Master Builders will get your new Carlingford home or addition turning heads in approval.

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Specialist Duplexes Builders

As the Carlingford population expands, duplex living has become very popular. A home that's dual-occupancy can more than double your property's value. Let our expert team of Master builders help you effectively include room for family members or establish a second income.

Carlingford Townhouse Builders

Building amazing townhouses is a specialised field and our experience in this area ensures that our clients townhouses are built to the highest quality standards possible. Take advantage of our industry expertise and get in touch with us for a free consultation.

We Build New Homes

As well as doing expert renovations, 'We Build' can skilfully build new homes. Need a one or two storey, duplex or single family home? We'll build it. Whether you want a split level, townhouse or bungalow, we can construct your dream home on schedule and on budget. (02) 9769 1068 for highly experienced licensed builders that can transform your home...

Get in touch with 'We Build Australia' Today!Superior Designs & Build Quality is What Sets us Apart

We never fail to provide customers with fast and detailed quotes that don't contain any hidden surprises. Before we begin any building plan, you'll get a comprehensive breakdown of every project cost so that you don't get sticker shock. Thousands of repeat customers have thanked us for the way we complete projects – always punctually and within budget.

Naturally, we expect you to get quotes from other construction companies in Carlingford before you initiate construction, and that's the right thing to do. But please be sure to enquire about the following: Can they demonstrate expertise in council planning controls and local zoning? Are they members of respected builder associations? Will they give you references from happy clients who had similar work done? Will each site worker be licensed and bonded? Will you be fully covered should any liability or home warranty issues arise?

We Build gladly answers ‘yes' to each of these. When you sign on with us, you'll get friendly and professional service and unrivalled workmanship that we fully back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sydney Second Story Addition BuildersExperienced Builders for Additions & Extensions

Nobody likes the prospect of moving. That's why many families opt to expand their existing home. Whether you plan to build outward or upward, our Carlingford Master Builders will capably extend your living area so you can have more space for family, profit from renting, or simply enjoy some well-deserved breathing room.

But so many Carlingford suburb homeowners have no option to extend their home outward. For them, it's more practical to consider a second storey – both financially and structurally. We Build has designed a pioneering second storey product that allows you to affordably add on to your home. We can fully customise our product to fit your unique situation. Ask us about our budget-friendly second storey solutions.

Ground Floor Extensions ConceptOur Builders Specialise in Ground Floor Extensions

Whether you need to incorporate a ground-level granny flat, add a bedroom or bathroom or simply make room for a pool table, we can get your addition built right. Our team of licensed Carlingford builders also offers smart guidance on ways to cut costs when you build. That's because We Build has a lot of experience building ground floor extensions in the Carlingford suburb. And we can make the addition join your home's current structure so seamlessly that new friends would assume it was included in your original house plan.

Well before drafting up any plans, we'll go the distance to minimise your costs. We Build customers have saved thousands of dollars because we found them ways to sidestep expensive plumbing outlays. For example, we know creative methods of expanding a bathroom so that customers can dedicate increased square footage to living space. And you can purchase new furniture with the money you save – or simply pocket the difference.

Granny flat conceptRenovations & Granny Flats for Carlingford Homes

Our complete line of services includes many types of home improvement, such as bathroom and kitchen renovations, in addition to granny flats. Many of our clients request that we tie in a bathroom or kitchen to their ground floor extension. That's why we structured We Build to work on a wide array of home improvements and not limit ourselves to a single home renovation style or type.

We Build offers very affordable granny flat packages that will enable you to quickly generate a great second income in your Carlingford suburb. Our knowledgeable architects and certifiers can design your granny flat and get plans fully approved within 21 days. It takes less than six weeks to put up a granny flat – and that includes cladding with a quality brick veneer. And We Build's Carlingford licensed builders deliver exceptional workmanship – on each and every job.

Here's Exactly How to Get Started

It's easy to get things started

Obviously, you want assurance that any building company you work with can successfully complete your project. Call (02) 9769 1068 with your requirements and book a no-obligation, free estimate.

We take care of all the details

At your free consultation with us, we’ll start creating an action plan that fits your budget. After that, we’ll send you a firm quote. Once approved, we’ll begin on your project design and secure a deposit.