Granny Flat Builders Blacktown

When you want to build a Blacktown granny flat using licensed builders with years of expertise then it's time to call the team from 'We Build Australia'

At 'We Build Australia' we've been recognised as the best granny flat builders Blacktown has to offer. All of our modern construction techniques utilise the highest quality materials to ensure your granny flat is finished to the highest degree of quality possible. From our steel reinforced waffle pod cement slabs to our impeccably finished kitchens we truly understand what quality is all about. The true beauty of what we offer is a value packed solution guaranteed to last.

Simply a terrific service provided by highly experienced builders you knew exactly what they were doing and over delivered throughout every aspect of the job...

Shane & Erin Nielsen

Our beautifully designed modern modular Blacktown granny flat packages really are something to be admired. It goes without saying that our prices are absolutely fantastic but what impresses most people is our flexible & modern granny flat designs. Because our projects are built to last you can rest assured knowing that all of the internal and external features will look like brand-new for many years to come. We've packed loads of extras into our designs so home owners receive exceptional value for money.

Granny Flat Builders Blacktown

Here's how to get started with a Blacktown granny flat!

Here's how you can get moving

We assess your property to ensure that it complies with the space requirements. We then examine sewer plans & section 149 documents. A design is then chosen. Surveying & architectural plans follow.

Approval process & construction

After our certifiers achieve a fast two week approval we're then able to finish the construction of your Blacktown granny flat within 12 weeks. Final checks are carried out & we hand over your new project.


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Licensed Master Builders

Being full members of the master builders association is reflective of our commitment to producing workmanship that borders on perfection. Our granny flats not only look magnificent, they're also highly functional & are built to last many lifetimes.

Strong Industrial Affiliations

Part of our committing to being Blacktown's leading granny flat builders is our affiliation with industry bodies such as the Housing Industry Association. We do everything possible to ensure our clients get the safest possible service.

Our Magnificent Portfolio of Work

We try to remain humble but with workmanship like ours it truly is an injustice to keep such craftsmanship to ourselves. Take a look at the fabulous finishes we've been achieving & why you should use our highly skilled builders.

Let us Build Your Dream Project

When choosing us to complete your dream project you're choosing a team of licensed Blacktown builders who specialise in Granny Flats. What sets us apart is our passion for what we do & that's why we can achieve such remarkable results.

Quality that raises the value of your entire property

No matter what shape or dimension your property may be our expert designers & architects can draft up plans that will utilise & beautify the space you have available. People often become overwhelmed because we have such a high quality range of designs to choose from. We guide our customers through the process every step of the way.

A Blacktown Granny Flat

Once you've chosen one of our masterpieces to adorn your property our professional surveyors & certifiers get straight to work so we can expedite the approval process & get things started as soon as possible. Our entire construction process follows a highly systematised approach that enforces high levels of quality control, so our customers get granny flats that are built to last a lifetime.

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Increased property value with more space & income

Property sizes in Blacktown lend themselves perfectly to granny flats. Very few investment opportunities lend themselves to such lucrative and safe returns such as the ones achieved by choosing to build a second dwelling on your property. We have a range of flexible financing options available & our experienced team takes the hassle away from every step.

A Freshly Built Granny Flat

When your watching your project come to life it truly is something special. From the moment we lay the steel reinforced concrete slab you'll begin to witness levels of building expertise that'll leave you feeling proud of your decision to use the team from ‘We Build Australia’. You can join our list of exclusive home owners who chose to use the highly experienced builders from 'We Build Australia'.

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Our licensed tradesmen have years of building experience behind. Our prices are affordable & our workmanship is fantastic