5 Reasons You Should Knockdown Rebuild with Experienced Home Builders Sydney

5 Reasons You Should Knockdown Rebuild with Experienced Home Builders Sydney

Knockdown rebuilds are a great way to build your dream home in the area you’ve been living in and have grown accustomed to, or redevelop a home on a new property that was purchased. In starting from scratch, homeowners are given the opportunity to be involved in the process right from the beginning and see their vision come to life. As leading and experienced home builders in Sydney, we’ve shortlisted our pick for the top 5 advantages of knockdown rebuilds:

1. Design to suit your lifestyle

One of the most advantageous things about knockdown rebuilds with home builders in Sydney is that they allow homeowners a second chance to design their property based on current situations. For instance, a home that was ideally built for a couple could now be redesigned to better suit a growing family- with the inclusion of multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, larger living and entertaining areas and more. At We Build Australia, we understand that everyone leads different lives and their home often reflects their style of living. For this reason, our flexible design options and customised packages work to accommodate each individual based on their own unique preferences and way of life.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Although renovating can at times be a more fitting option, knockdown rebuilds can offer greater financial incentives in the long run. Renovations can sometimes require time-consuming demolition or modifications before the construction work begins. This is to ensure that the original foundation or structure that is to remain is not in any way affected or tampered with. This means it can be a more delicate and lengthy process, and if renovating for short-term, could be a temporary fix rather than something more long standing.

3. No compromise on layout, fixtures or finishes

As opposed to buying a property that has already been completed, a knockdown rebuild allows you as the homeowner to decide on each meticulous detail. This can range from the type of stone benchtop you want in the kitchen, to the type of shower head in the master bathroom. Often, homes that have already been built have been done so with the original owner’s preference and personal choice at subject, however in being involved in the process from early on, every element is decided upon according to your own liking.

4. Staying in the same location

Nowadays, many locals are used to the neighbourhood they were born and raised in, and therefore prefer to remain locals in these areas. This is as a result of familiarity, knowledge of, and ease associated with the known. By remaining in the suburb you are comfortable with and used to, the difficulty in adjusting to the unknown is not a requisite. In addition, many homeowners would have purchased their property at prices that have only risen in value as the suburb and market have become more desirable, and therefore wish to leverage their current and future market value.

5. Increase in value

Further to the previous point, rather than time being of the essence in increasing the worth of a property, knockdown rebuilds also allow for increases in value as a result of the new design. For instance, accommodating for additional bedrooms, including more spacious entertainment areas, specific features such as marble benchtops, and amenities such as a swimming pool could all contribute to the actual value of the house if wishing to sell in the future. This brand new property will in turn increase future resale value.

Through years of experience the team at We Build Australia has successfully positioned themselves as professional home builders in Sydney. We have turned dreams into reality for our clients and have established ourselves in the market through a strong network of suppliers, a thorough understanding of property and insight into trends, and a wealth of knowledge.

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