The Benefits of New Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code

From July 6th 2018, there will be a new Low Rise Medium Density Housing code which will allow medium density houses to be approved under a ‘complying development’ process. This new code will provide a range of benefits for homeowners across NSW. This development will assist with lifestyle changes, introducing housing types such as manor houses, dual occupancies and terraces.

How Will Sydney Benefit?

Sydney is currently in need of an additional 725 000 homes by 2026 due to the approximate increase of 2.2 million residences. The rising population in Sydney requires a faster housing supply, therefore making this code a perfect new development for the NSW population and housing industry. There are currently many needs within Sydney, such as catering for the ageing and growing population. A variety of housing types, will help suit the needs and lifestyles of growing families.

This provides the population to have an alternative option to apartments and separate homes, while still offering them with the opportunity to fit on existing streets and neighbourhoods. It will also offer smaller homes to be built on smaller lots making it more affordable. However, these houses will still adapt and provide all the benefits of a single dwelling, also providing diversity for a variety of lifestyles and needs.

New Housing Advantages

This new code will provide many advantages for the NSW population as well as homeowners. Some of the key benefits include:

Encouraging Good Quality Design

The design guide provides a useful parameter to promote great quality and well-designed homes
Low medium density housing currently provides little design guidance. However, this new code has a set out design criteria which has been developed with the help of councils, community and industry members to guarantee great design outcomes as well as a consistent approach when developing medium density housing. The code also helps promote good design outcomes.

Increasing Housing Choice

There will be a range of new housing types under the new code. These include:

  • Dual occupancies (side by side, either attached or detached)
    These houses are two dwellings on one lot and can be detached or attached
  • Manor house (one on top of the other)
    These buildings consist of 3-4 residences on one lot of land which can be up to two stories in height.
  • Multi dwelling (terraces)
    These are commonly known as terraces which include three or more residences on one lot. Each of these dwellings are located on a public road and there are no others above or below.

Improving housing affordability

This code will promote housing affordability providing smaller homes on a much smaller lot hence making them a more affordable choice. People will have the choice of which type of dwelling they would like to live in, without losing the convenience and advantages of a separate dwelling.

Increasing housing supply

The code will also allow a faster housing supply as well as suit a range of lifestyle needs. As mentioned above, there will be an increase in Sydney’s population, therefore requiring an increase in house supply.

If you are interested in low rise medium density housing, then be prepared for all these new advantages which will be in action from July the 6th!

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