We Build Australia: Sydney’s Leading Double Storey Home Builders

We Build Australia is one of the most innovative double storey home builders in Sydney, we have years of industry experience, specialising in an array of housing structures and designs. Our double storey homes are designed to optimise your living space and create the ultimate sanctuary for you and your family. Apart from their aesthetic and modern style, there are numerous reasons to choose a double storey home over a single storey one. Let’s examine the benefits:

Land and Affordability

There is a major misconception that double storey homes cost a great deal more than single storey properties. Whilst they can tend to cost a slight percentage higher, they can be built on a smaller block of land, which can cancel out tens of thousands of dollars. Another convenient factor is that by building upwards, you will be able to maximise more space for alfresco areas including your backyard, veranda, courtyard and front porch. Furthermore, double storey homes offer a separation of space, meaning that you can split your living and dining area from the privacy of your bedrooms and home office. Our specialised team of double storey home builders are guaranteed to design the perfect layout to suit your lifestyle and maximise your land area.

Separation and Privacy

Double storey homes offer a great deal of privacy for every type of family. The layout of a two-storey home is flexible and versatile so you can divide separate bedrooms for different family members across the two floors or even separate the living room from the privacy of your master bedroom and leisure area. Why not create a fun retreat for your teenagers downstairs while you enjoy the peace and quiet in your own area upstairs? This option could also come in handy for families who wish to share their home with relatives such as elderly family members. The choices are endless, especially when you’re designing your home with the team at We Build Australia. Our team of professional double storey home builders will consult with you and ensure that your home layout is ideal for your family, lifestyle and comfort.

Appearance and Views

It’s no secret that double storey homes offer a more impressive and luxurious appeal. With endless design options, the appearance of these homes can be chic, stylish and modern. A two-storey home will also allow you to maximise your potential views and maybe even incorporate a contemporary balcony for hosting your dinner parties and enjoying summer nights. At We Build Australia, we offer fully customisable designs featuring upper floor living that maximise stunning district views that you didn’t even know you had!

Return on Investment

While it depends on several factors, two storey home designs tend to offer a better investment and deliver higher returns than single storey homes. Due to their convenience of privacy, pleasant appearance and overall desirability, they are constantly sought-after by families, meaning it won’t be hard to sell your property in the long run.

Modern spaces, expansive floor plans and delightful views come to life in double storey homes. Whatever your lifestyle or style preference, our team of double storey home builders can create your ultimate dream home. If you’re looking to upgrade your home or you are ready to build your dream home, contact We Build Australia today.

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