Why Building a House is Better than Buying

Whether you’re entering the property market, upgrading to a luxury home or considering an investment, you’ve probably thought about building from scratch over buying a property. There are many reasons as to why homeowners prefer to build their dream home to live in or have as an investment, as opposed to buying an off the plan or ready built house.

Save on Costs

When you think of building a house you think of all the potential costs that may be involved in the short term however, it’s the long-term you should be thinking about. In terms of ongoing costs, like maintenance and energy, it won’t be as much in the long run.

Although buying a two-bedroom apartment for example, may seem cheaper – building your own house means you can include as many rooms and anything you want and get more bang for your buck. You’ll also have a house that you won’t have to put any money towards for a few years because everything will be new with no work to be done.

Built to Suit your Style

When you build you not only save on long term costs but you you’re autonomous and have the freedom to build every single corner of the house to your exact preferences. From however many bedrooms, to an open plan living and kitchen area, indoor and outdoor entertainment areas as well as, recreational facilities such as a spa or pool area no matter what it is that you want in your home, you can have it all.

The reason why building a house as opposed to buying is becoming more popular among young families or those wanting to start a family, is because, space isn’t of essence and won’t go unused or wasted. More so, over the last two decades, designs and sizes of homes have seen a great shift. So essentially, you’d rather spend the money on building your own home, where you have the opportunity to create your own floor plan rather than an already existing property that may be outdated. 

Be Energy Wise

Newly built houses nowadays, all come with many options that make it easier to save on costs as well as, save the environment by cutting excessive energy consumption. Take for example windows. Who would’ve thought that windows alone can save you a whole heap of energy? Windows can let in or leak away up to 40 per cent of your home heating or cooling energy, but this loss can be reduced by up to 80 per cent by choosing energy-efficient windows.

Or how about choosing the right colour paint for rooms and living areas? The paint colours you choose for your home can have an effect on lighting and heating levels. So for example, using lighter coloured interior paints to improve daylight levels inside your home will essentially minimise the need for using lights throughout the day.

First Home Owners Grant

Purchasing land and building a new home from scratch can be more profitable than buying a pre-built house, with specific offers unique to building your own home. If you’re looking to buy your first property for living or investing you’re in for quite some benefits. Many first home buyers are drawn to this option due to the savings, such as reduced stamp duty and the First Home Owner Grant. Additionally, if you do choose to use your new home as an investment property, you can claim depreciation over the first few years, taking advantage of this really good tax benefit. So if you’re looking to build your own property and want some more information contact our team of experts at We Build Australia today. 


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