Call Your Custom Home Builder in Sydney, This is Why You Need Single Storey Living.

Building a new home comes with the decision of whether you should take your home design up a level or leave it as is. Having a single storey home doesn’t mean the benefits will necessarily be limited.

Many people often have the idea of a double storey home when envisioning their plan, convincing themselves that it is the ultimate choice to explore, escape and have more space.

However, this is not always the case, and the same benefits can arise from choosing a single storey home design. It is important to take careful consideration in making the decision as to the choice between a single or double storey home. Practicality or Fantasy?

The reality is, the path towards the most practical solution first begins with an analysis of your current situation. No family is the same, and what works for one most probably won’t work for another. It is important to gain an understanding of the needs of your family, whether you have children, need privacy or extra space for entertaining.

Although double storey homes may be advantageous for some, single storey home designs do not discount luxury or quality living by any means.

Dear Future Home builder: A Single Storey Plan May be the One

Stepping into the property market, the first question you will be confronted with is the design plan of your home. To make this decision, many factors need to be considered including taste preferences, lifestyle requirements, size of land, as well as budget.

Here are some benefits of a single storey plan you may want to take into consideration before making a decision:


Family life continuously evolves over the many years of one’s existence. Whether this may be children moving out our new ones entering. It is crucial to plan for the future and make sure your home is one that is going to be practical and convenient for your current and future lifestyle.

Single storey homes are also the perfect choice if you are looking for practicality. These home designs can be beneficial for many families, due to the absence of stairs within the home.

Families with toddlers or grandparents should definitely consider a single storey design as it only increases practicality for their lifestyles. Single storey homes are also great for parents who have young children, as managing and containing kids on one level is much easier than two!


With single storey homes come a lump amount of saving money that many often overlook. Having a family presents itself with extensive living costs which is why affordability is an important factor to consider when buying or building your first home.

A single storey home design generally has lower costs. From structure to design to materials, there are a lot less costs to consider when you build a single storey home over a double storey one.

In addition to this cost-efficient, energy efficiency is also a benefit of building a single storey home. This is due to lower heating and cooling costs. A double storey home usually needs two separate zones and a more integrated heating/cooling system to reach all areas of the home.

Single storey homes also offer lower maintenance costs, providing convenience to homeowners. Requiring less upkeep inside and out results in lesser expenses in regards to maintenance (and potentially repairs!). Accessibility is much easier with a single storey home design as cleaning gutters, windows and other access points are much simpler due to the layout of the plan.

According to, when it comes to construction, single storey homes are also 10-15% more affordable than double storey homes. This is because these homes have more interior design elements as well as a more complex construction process. Affordability means an increased potential when it may come time to sell. Be mindful of the future.


Open plans, flexibility and freedom in design. Single storey homes make all of these wonderful benefits an option.

Allowing for an open and grand living space, these plans can allow for modern features such as large windows, skylights and vaulted ceilings. Open layouts and plans are certainly a design factor that many home-owners and buyers look for. Having a seamless plan that opens out creating an airy space, creates an allusion of a larger space and allows for a modern minimalistic design.

The common perception people have with single storey homes is that they can’t be roomy and open. This is incorrect. It is important to speak to your home builder to incorporate an open living plan, as this lifestyle can be easily achieved.

Flexibility and freedom in design is another advantage these plans bring forward. Single storey homes have the same amount of design flexibility as double storey home, except on one level. The options are endless; whether open-space is a top preference, or subdivided areas, a single storey home can cater.

A double storey home consists of stairwells which can take up a lot of valuable space within the house plan, resulting in a smaller living area. Planning and designing a single storey home with careful consideration can provide the impression that the home is more open, has larger entrances and wide corridors.

Also, getting creative is always an option. There are boundless options when it comes to designing and planning for a single storey home, this means you can create the illusion of any setting.

Strong investment

Single storey homes are an appealing option to a larger market and are in higher demand, making them a strong investment whether for now or for the future. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not have stairs, appealing to retired adults and families with young children. However, the benefits of investments come down to the lifestyle and taste of the buyers you need to attract.

Although you may be thinking about living in your home for the rest of your life, plans change and this may not be the case. Hence, it is important to forecast the unpredictability of future plans and stay prepared. Choosing a single storey house design is an option which holds its value for many years and is most appealing for many families both now and in the future.

If the economy of land space is not an issue, then choosing a single storey home is a much better option. This is because it holds the benefits of practicality, especially if this is the residence your family wants to call home for many years to come. Not only do single storey home plans have upfront cost savings, but they also are energy efficient and require minimal maintenance.

If a single story home design is a consideration for your family, it is important to speak to a custom homebuilder in Sydney in order for them to lay out a plan which aligns with your families requirements.

At We Build Australia, we are committed to providing the ultimate service from the start of your design plans right through to construction. Our single storey home designs are functional, affordable and comfortable, and are built with passion and precision.

Bringing both classic and contemporary designs to the table, we are certain to provide you with a home of your dreams. Designing and building a home is a major step, and we guarantee that the process is one that is enjoyable and efficient, helping you create a home that you will be proud of, sharing many memories and special events.

Enquire about our single storey designs on 1300 000 122 or contact us here!

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