Determining a Budget for my Double Storey House Plan

Double storey homes are a popular choice for many home-owners. This is because they are both customisable and appealing. Building a double storey home provides clients with the main advantage of tailoring the house plan to suit their requirements.

In saying this, there are many factors that do play a significant part in the final design. These include block size, lifestyle requirements and, of course, the overall budget.M

Block size is one of the main factors that need to be considered when designing a modern double storey house plan. Purchasing a smaller block of land usually prompts most buyers to choose house designs that add an extra room to the house or save some space for the back yard. The size of your block will play a massive role in the decision-making process as this is where your future dream home is going to be built.

Modern double storey house plans are usually chosen to maximise the living space on a small block to create an illusion of ‘double the room,’ due to the dwelling being built vertically. This allows for more rooms to be incorporated on the land area, optimising the space.

This opens up a world of possibilities for many considering a double story house design.

However, creating a modern double storey house plan isn’t as simple as envisioning it and then expecting it come to life. Rather, the construction and design process requires extensive research and careful consideration.

How do I effectively budget for my double storey house plan in a modern world?

Making sure you set an effective budget prior to building your double storey home is crucial in ensuring the end project is delivered to your standards without the hassle along the way. Incorporating a ‘budget planner’ system is a great way of comparing the total cost of building your new home with comparable homes for sale in the area.

This will provide you with an estimated idea of what your home may be worth upon completion. It is important to secure your initial investment is going to be worthwhile and one that is going to pay off over the long term.

Many people who are designing a modern double storey house plan usually make these two common mistakes:

  1. Underestimating expenses: many are optimistic with the final costs associated with completing the home and often underestimate many of the expenses that are associated with building. This leads to the costs slowly piling up leading to an added pressure as the project nears completion.
  2. Overspending: Adding luxury materials may lead you to overspend on items that you don’t necessarily need or you can do without. These materials/items are often not valued by others and can result in a loss in the long term when it comes to selling the home. Splurging on these items is not a wise choice and although it is important to build a quality home, it is important to make appropriate design choices when it comes to the finishes of your modern double storey house.

What about the land considerations when designing a modern double storey house?

Purchasing the land is one of the main costs involved with building and planning a modern double storey plan. Land prices in NSW are quite steady and are often 50% of the overall budget.

It is also important to consider the costs associated to prepare the site in order for it to be ready for construction. Possible costs can include:

  • Demolishing an old property that may be currently placed on the land
  • Clearing away trees, boulder or any other structures that you want to be removed
  • Addition of retaining walls and levelling blocks
  • Power gas, phone, and water/sewer connections

These costs may be overlooked by some but are very important to consider and incorporate within your budget making sure you don’t overstep what you can afford.

TIP: to keep the building costs low for your double storey house plan, choose the right block to build.

After you have finalised all of the boring components, you will be faced with the house construction costs. This part will include a contract with a list of your inclusions regarding the design features and building specifications regarding your modern double storey house plan.

Although there are specific inclusions, buyers often get carried away by the display homes and tend to add on extra luxurious facilities or appliances that can become costly towards the end of the construction process.

It is also important to meticulously review every contract with any supplier in order to understand exactly what you are getting for your money, such as:

  • Extra lighting or power points
  • Window treatments
  • Upgraded items – appliances, handles, taps, fixtures
  • Floor coverings – e.g. timber, tiling or carpet

Some of the external finishing items that need to be considered include:

  • Outdoor kitchens or alfresco areas
  • Landscaping, gardens and pools
  • Decks/paved areas

Finishing expenses:

People may not realise, but internal and external finishes are known to take up approximately 15% of the overall budget and up to 25% for more luxurious finishings. Many of these finishes are excluded from standard builds and should be incorporated in as part of the finishing costs in your budget plan.

Some of the internal finishing items that need to be considered include:

  • Wall painting
  • Air conditioning and heaters
  • Fences and gates
  • Sheds, workshops or other outdoor areas

Climate control is crucial for a modern double storey house plan

Many modern double storey house designs will come with cooling and heating systems that in turn use vast amounts of electricity. This is why it is critical to ensure there is sufficient climate control in your double storey house plan. Talking to a double storey custom home builder and asking for their advice to achieve the perfectly balanced home with a cutting edge design.

When analysing climate control specifications with your builder, it is important to consider the following:

  • Window placement: ensure the placement of your windows is north facing. This will allow the sunlight to penetrate throughout the winter and the heat to stay out during the hot summer months.
  • Ventilation: a great way to increase the airflow in the room is to place windows on opposite sides of the room. Considering evaporative cooling as well as fans can help keep air conditioning costs at a minimum.
  • Effective insulation: making sure your home is insulated between the ground and the first floor can reduce energy loss.

When it comes to choosing the right builder for your modern double storey home design, we advise taking the necessary steps and research before choosing the contractors. A quality building team can make the largest difference to your final design (and costs).

TIP: Choose custom home builders with experience, credentials and ensure they have appropriate licences and liability insurance coverage.

Set a budget for your modern double storey house plan, as this is going to be advantageous for yourself in the future. Once you have planned all the boring components, the real fun begins. Design, construction and after many months of hard work, your dream home will be a reality.

We Build Australia are committed to providing clients with excellent service and superior quality. With double storey home designs that are modern, functional and affordable, you will be left with a home that suits your needs and exceeds them.

Choose the right block and speak to a professional within the industry that will be able to give you the advice you need – Choose We Build Australia.

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