Why Dual Occupancy House Designs are Ideal for Extended Families

Living and working in Sydney equates to a busy and buzzing lifestyle. Have you ever considered living with extended family? Even though you may think there may be a lack of privacy, lack of space and lack of independence, these issues can be non-existent with the right dual occupancy house design

With the growing living costs in Sydney, many are choosing to live with extended family, sharing their home, which is, in turn, providing them with financial and social benefits. 

These living options allow for these family members, such as grandparents, to become a bigger part of their grandchildren’s lives. It also provides families with young children a support network, assisting them with their duties, creating a more convenient and stress-free everyday routine for families. 

Even though it can be picture perfect, living with extended family may not be that simple. It is important to have space and intimacy allowing everyone to continue with their life without feeling cluttered and claustrophobic. Due to the increase of people living with extended family, there is a range of dual occupancy house designs that are specifically planned to cater to your needs. 

Do you want to live with extended family yet would still like the space and freedom to do as you please? 

We have some tips for your dual occupancy house design that will help you create a space that is beneficial for everyone!

Dual occupancy house designs making multi-generational living ‘work’ 

What is multi-generational living?

This is a type of living, whereby two or more generations are living together under the same dwelling. Many people choose multigenerational homes due to the many conveniences it provides families. These include:

  • Working parents: this type of living assists full time working parents as they don’t have time to meet all their duties. Living with other relatives or parents assists these full-time parents with their day to day lives
  • Affordability: multi-generational living means the house costs are subdivided by more people. This eases the burden of a mortgage and the financing repayments that come along with it
  • An ageing population: many people also choose multi-generational living to provide assistance for their parents as they may need the care and support as they are approaching an older age

“In 2011 the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that 531,000 people were living with ‘other related persons’ in the family household. The ABS predicts that number will grow to 781,000 or more by 2036.” – ABS 

Tips for a successful multigenerational home

In order for your household to remain peaceful and keep everyone happy, it is important to understand everyone’s needs and incorporate a lifestyle plan. Here are some tips for a successful multigenerational home, whether it may be a dual occupancy house plan, single or double storey:

  • Ensuring everyone has a private space is very important as this allows them to keep their independence and secures them with a place that they can call their own after a tiring day at work
  • Separate dwellings on the same block such as dual occupancy house designs, granny flats or tiny detached homes can be a great way to enjoy the benefits of a multigenerational home without being in each other’s faces
  • Open house plans can sometimes increase noise transference. However, if you do go ahead with this option, speak to your building designer to make sure there are private spaces 
  • Making sure everyone understands the costs associated with living together as well as the responsibilities each person has to carry out within the household is critical 
  • Respect, rules and guidelines need to be set in order for the household to remain a positive and peaceful one. 

Dual occupancy house plan, single or double? Multigenerational home key designs

Nowadays, there are many modern designs that are suitable for multigenerational living. When considering the right house plan it is important to consider the size of the bedrooms, the location of bathrooms as well as how many living spaces are available throughout the home. 

One of the most obvious choices for a multigenerational home is to consider a dual occupancy house plan. This allows both generations to live side by side without invading each other’s privacy while providing the same benefits. Dual occupancy house designs are created in a particular way, consisting of separate living areas, kitchen, bedrooms all within one block of land. 

If you are considering multi-generational living, choosing a dual occupancy house plan is an amazing way of taking advantage of the block of land as well as living a comfortable, hassle-free lifestyle!

Although single storey homes may not be your ideal option, there are still ways of making this house plan appropriate for multi-generational living. A single storey house design with open plans, many living zones, separate private rooms as well as games and alfresco areas can be perfect for multi-generational living. Making sure bedrooms have direct access to bathrooms is also important. 

If a dual occupancy house design is not the right option for you, and you are considering a double storey house, it is essential that the space is designed strategically, ensuring everyone has a reservation for themselves. Making sure the design offers ensuites in every bedroom, walk-in-robes, as well as ample living spaces, will provide a more comfortable setting for all those living in the home. 

There is also the option of choosing tri-level living, where bedrooms two, three and four are placed on the third level with completely separate bathrooms, storage and living spaces. This is a great solution for the larger families who like the additional space, and additional privacy. 

If you are currently living in a multigenerational home and are looking for an upgrade or are newly entering a multigenerational home, We Build Australia can help create a design that meets all of your needs. 

Designing and building dual occupancy house plans, we build comfortable, functional and contemporary designs meeting your lifestyle requirements.

We Build Australia knows what designs are best for you. 

Enquire Now on 1300 000 122 and have a chat to one of our friendly team members about your next project!

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