Duplex Builders in Sydney Getting More Bang for Your Block

Sydney’s availability of land is now tighter than ever. Homeowners now understand the proposition of value around developing higher-density living structures.

More cost efficient than building one home, dual occupancy is reigning over Sydney suburbs, replacing single homes with multiple dwellings on one block of land.

A duplex is a single building, with two residential dwellings, sharing one common wall. Also known as a dual occupancy, the best way to describe it is two homes under one roof. Duplexes can either be under one title or subdivided into two; this means that it is either sold as one single entity with two occupancies or as two separate entities.


Opportunity knocks… on two doors

The advantages of building a duplex in Sydney can appeal to any residential builder or homeowner. If there was a downside to duplex building, then they would not be springing up all over the property landscape of Sydney; if they were not profit-making structures, then they would not exist.

In addition to the Return on Investment that duplex buildings in Sydney generate, some other reasons to build dual occupancy over single homes can be found below:

  • Affordability
  • Increase investment return within the same land footprint through higher-density living
  • Obtain a stable income through renting one out; this extra income can be used to pay the mortgage off
  • Build two homes for the price of one – maybe even less
  • Entice potential investors through the two rental incomes
  • Create equity AND rental return simultaneously, unlocking future wealth

Sydney duplex builders are the key to unlocking your equity

The biggest appeal for duplex building in Sydney is the economical nature of building a dual occupancy on one land footprint. More affordable than building one home, Sydney has now understood the potential of land, building 2-in-1 structures and also building equity.

Given the continuously growing land values in Sydney, duplex builders have doubled the density of land, doubling land value, doubling potential ROI; dual occupancy is providing a framework to maximise investment.

With higher-density living becoming more prominent within Sydney, duplexes are now an opportunity for homeowners to maximise property potential and keep up with Sydney’s population increase.

What is there to know for duplex builders in Sydney?

To build a dual occupancy, there are certain restrictions and regulations which need to be abided by in order to comply with legislation and regulations surrounding duplex building. Duplex/Residential builders in Sydney need to properly understand and follow these guidelines.

Foremost, correct zoning from appropriate council/s is imperative. There are certain measurements and minimum requirements regarding land area and width which need to be followed.

In addition to this, the following need to be relevant according to council controls:

  • Building height
  • Resident privacy
  • Landscaping
  • Subdivision lot size
  • Floor to space ratio

We Build Australia have expert knowledge and unparalleled experience in building duplexes. With an amazing team of skilled duplex/residential builders in Sydney, we aim to deliver high quality services. Providing multi-dwelling properties to the Sydney market, we know how to maximise your property’s potential. To see how WBA can build your property’s potential through a dual occupancy, call us now on 1300 000 122

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