Eco Luxury Home Trends

Investing in a luxury home not only comes with a price tag, it also comprises a heavy consumption of energy. However, you shouldn’t shy away from purchasing your dream home. Across Australia, there are properties that exemplify sustainable living without having to sacrifice luxury or style. Yes, there are ways around it. Most people draw back from opting out for the “eco friendly” option as it does not carry a luxurious aesthetic that homeowners and buyers want. But contrary to popular belief, there are so many ways around the matter! These include:


Shutters are a great way to save on energy because they keep the heat out during the summer months and keep your house warm during the winter time. This decreases your chance of using the heater or air conditioner that can send your electricity bills through the roof. The reason why you might not normally see luxury homes with shutters is because homeowners are afraid of ruining the aesthetics of the house. However, this notion is false. They key in selecting the right shutter for your home without sacrificing luxury is to choose a soft colour to compliment the beauty of your house. Another tip for this is to choose a metal that reflects the sun’s heat instead of attract it, otherwise your shutters won’t be effective to their full potential.


LED Lighting

Lighting is key to completely transform the look and feel inside a luxurious home. Through the last few years home lighting systems has gone through profound changes due to the abrupt developments in LED technology. Unlike traditional lighting, LED light uses less energy and lasts longer. LED lights are very flexible as well in terms of design. They can be controlled through a smartphone or tablet, meaning that you can control your lights from anywhere in the home. You can even change the colours to the set the mood in your home!


Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a money saver! Reason why is because they utilise the unlimited energy of the sun. The rooftop panels administer a more cost effective way to increase passive use of solar energy of a home and allows storage of power for future energy uses. This also eliminates wastage of energy. A lot of luxury home owners refrain from using solar panels as once again, they’re believed to ruin the aesthetics of the house. However, there are ways of incorporating solar panel without forfeiting luxury. If you are building a house, you can install the panels in places that aren’t obvious or don’t catch the eye at first glance. Another alternative is selecting coloured panels that camouflage with your roof!

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