How long does it take to build a house?

How long does it take to build a house?

As many Australian homeowners would know, there is so much that goes into building a house.

From finding the ideal location, the perfect block of land, deciding the design plans, and then finally getting started on constructing your dream home. 

According to industry specialists, the process typically takes anywhere between 4 to 12 months. 

Many people looking to build their dream home in Australia commonly get caught up in how long it takes to build a house. 

There are several factors that need be to taken into consideration when determining how long it will take to build a new house. The first paramount consideration is the type of house chosen: 

Single story

  • A popular option for Australian families as they offer increased accessibility and convenience of being across one single level. 
  • Typically, a single story home will take less time to build than a double story home.

Double story

  • Designed to maximise living space by building upwards. 
  • A great option for narrow or sloped properties that takes advantage of potential views. 
  • Proved to offer a better return on investment for Australian homeowners

Duplex Home

  • A duplex is a residential building divided into two apartments – this design option has increased significantly in Australia over the last few years due to the convenience and potential investment involved. 


  • Designed to offer space, style as well as a lucrative investment for townhouse owners. 
  • Efficiently utilises land space provide housing solutions that are attractive to growing families 
  • Cheaper than building a house. 

Before you ask how long it takes to build a house in Australia, consider this checklist: 

  • Custom vs. volume builder: 

The time it takes to build a house in Australia is largely dependent on whether you have decided to use a custom design-builder or a volume design-builder. 

Using a custom builder opposed to a volume builder will take longer to build a house due to the lengthy design process. When clients use a custom design builder, they are usually very active in the design process and have a say in all decisions. 

Conversely, a volume builder usually has set designs and stages of construction that make the building process much quicker. 

On average, a custom home will take 10-16 months to build, whereas a volume home will take around 4-6 months. 

  • Does the land need preparing?: 

Depending on the shape and formation of the land, will also depend on how long it takes to build a house. Before construction commences, the land must be prepared and stabilised. Factors that builders must take into consideration when preparing the land 

  • Is the land flat or situated on a slope?
  • Quality of the soil
  • Does it need to be cleared?
  • Weather conditions: 

Australian weather, specifically Sydney, can be significantly temperamental. Weather conditions such as torrential rain and high temperatures can influence how long it takes to build a new house. According to industry experts, the most ideal time to start construction is between March and August. 

  • Council and local governments permits: 

The design and construction process of building a new house must be conducted in compliance with the council and local government permits and regulations. Gaining the required permits and getting council approval in Australia can take time and can heavily influence how long it takes to build a house

  • Change of plans

When clients are actively involved in the design and construction process, the house might take longer to build as any changes can set back the completion date. Many clients are very indecisive in the design and construction process as they want everything to be perfect. They often wait until the last minute to pick the finishes for the house which can also cause significant delays. 

The process can influence the length of time it takes to build a house: 

  • Choosing a home design:

There are endless design styles on offer for your new home. It is important that you pick a home design that reflects and supports your lifestyle. The type of house design chosen will also determine how long it will take to build the house. 

House design options:

  • Single, double story or duplex? 
  • Modern or traditional? 
  • Floor plans 
  • fixtures, finishes and inclusions 
  • Customisation options
  • Finding suitable land

The length of time taken to build a house is majorly dependent on whether you a rebuilding on an existing block of land or starting from scratch on a new block of land. 

The home design you have chosen must also be suitable for the block of land. 

  • Choosing a builder

With so many building and construction companies in Australia, it is crucial you pick the right builder for your dream home. Choosing the right builder is one of the most important steps within the process of building a house. The builder must be able to carry out and deliver your vision of your dream home in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

The type of builder you choose will also determine how long it takes to build a house, as many builders work at different paces and may be more advanced than others. 

  • Applying for a home loan

Getting your finances in order and staying on top of them is essential, especially when designing and building a new house as it can be an expensive process in Australia. 

  • Monitoring the build

It is important to stay involved in the construction process. Monitoring the build allows you to get a rough idea of how long the building process of the house may take. It allows allow you to choose the design elements, and make sure it remains wit

  • Completing the handover

At this stage, its time to collect the keys and move into your newly built house.  

It is imperative that you get the builders written authority that the house is fully completed and safe to move into. 

We Build Australia are committed to providing clients with excellent service and superior quality. With home designs that are modern, functional and affordable, you will be left with a home that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Choose the right block and speak to a professional within the industry that will be able to give you the advice you need – Choose We Build Australia.

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