Make your dream home a reality with the best builders in Sydney

Building a new home can be a mentally and physically exhausting experience if you are building your dream home from scratch.

It is expected that there will be no corner of the home left untouched or without serious consideration of which designs will work best.

It is a wise choice to engage a team of experienced builders who will take into consideration every specification and detail as you would expect it to be done.

Whether your dream home is a single or double storey house, the experienced team at We Build Australia will have your best interests at heart.

With one-on-one tailored services, you will be able to work with our consultants to achieve your dream home design and make that dream into a reality.

Sydney builders are the stepping stone towards the perfect house

There are many Government rules and regulations that must be adhered to when beginning the process to build in Australia.

The team at We Build Australia are fully qualified and have years of experience to guide clients throughout every step of their building journey.

Here are 5 steps that Sydneysiders go through when building a new home:

  • Sign a contract

As you know, a contract is a legally binding document between two parties, in this case, a builder and a client.

In order to commence with the building process, a contract must be agreed upon and signed by the client in formal writing in the case that something does not go to plan.

A legally binding contract is put in place to help both parties understand what stage of building they are at and more often than not details the payment instalments for the building process, according to each stage of development.

  • Draw up a design

Before proceeding with the next step, a design needs to be agreed on for your dream house.

Our expert consultants provide you with a specialised experience from the very beginning and will work with you to design your dream home and choose your preferred finishing.

If you don’t have a particular design in mind, our consultants will assist in providing examples of previously built homes to give you an idea of what you might want to include in your dream home.

We provide custom packages to assist you in choosing the most suitable single or double storey dream home design that is fit to meet your style preference.

With over 20 years of professional and unrivalled service to our predominantly Sydney based clients, our skilful team provide a wealth of industry knowledge, innovation and quality reflected in all our projects.

  • Get it approved

After much consideration and back and forth conversation with your consultant, the next step might take longer than you expect, depending on your local council.

Council approval is often the longest part of the building process. However, the team of Sydney builders have extensive knowledge and experience with the rules and regulations of the national building standards as well as local government specifications.

With this in mind, if you choose to go through your local council to get a DA (Development Application) approval you could be expected to wait for a certain period of time depending on the home design and whether the builders have adhered to local building regulations.

Our builders have extensive knowledge with local councils across NSW and will inform you if your design is in compliance.

The other option is to get plans approved with a private certifier also known as, CDC approval, which is considered as the more costly option, however, is often a more simplified process to get your desired outcome and commence building without having to wait a little longer for approval.

Whichever avenue the client wishes to go down We Build Australia, will be there throughout the whole process, providing any professional input where necessary. Our years of building experience means that we understand the requirements of local councils for any type of home.

  • Commence building

Commencing with the initial step of laying the foundations, followed by the frames going up, the home then starts to take shape.

This is followed by the installation of the internal fixtures and the final touches are added to complete the build.

Our ultracareful builders will be with you throughout every step of the journey providing professional advice and directing suppliers and partners to complete your job in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Firm believers of keeping to their words, our team of experts will not promise you anything that they cannot deliver and will remain well within your preferred budget to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Install final internal features

With over 20 years of sizeable experience, We Build Australia has built a rapport with suppliers industry-wide.

This is helpful for clients when choosing certain appliances or fixtures such as floors, doors and windows that will suit the climate of your home.

At We Build Australia, we understand what is required to suit the conditions of the location of your home and the requirements of your family to provide a lifestyle that will work best.

Our ultimate purpose is to build your customised dream home so that you can enjoy life in the comfort of your dream home.

Whether you love to host family dinners, entertain your friends or do nothing and relax, you will be able to freely do so in your own private oasis.

Allow your dream home to become our reality. Specialising in custom home designs for families all across Sydney for more than two decades, We Build Australia ensures that your final vision is our final product.

We have earned a strong reputation within the industry, providing unprecedented service from approval to completion and building quality, innovative and stylish dream homes both on time and on budget.

Visit our website to view some of our recent projects or call our friendly team on 1300 000 122 for a quote to build your dream home today.

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