Maximising your Investment Property with Duplex Home Builders

Duplex structures are a great investment to help maximise your property value by subdividing your existing block into two separate homes. Over the past decade, duplexes have increased dramatically, paving the way to target affluent regions across Sydney that provide great investment opportunities. Investing in property might seem like a lucrative decision, especially in a city like Sydney. However, the current property market is extremely difficult for homebuyers to invest. In many ways, duplex homes are an effective solution to reduce the issues of Sydney’s property market. Keep reading to find out how you can maximise your investment property with a duplex home.

Return on Investment

Since the surge of the Australian housing market prices, duplex homes have become one of the most popular ways to deal with housing affordability across cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Duplex homes take up the same amount of land as any single home but their subdivisions are designed to support double the amount of tenants. Unlike other housing options like granny flats, house owners can sell units individually, creating a much larger profit on their property. For this reason, duplexes serve as an excellent source of income for investors, families and retirees looking to generate revenue over long periods of time. At We Build Australia, our duplex home builders will advise you on how building a duplex home can meet your financial goals. With site-assessment, fixed costs and efficient development, our duplex builders focus on providing you with the best value to maximise your earnings.

Some profitable options include:
  • Sell both homes and pocket the profits
  • Live in one property and sell the other
  • Move into one of the units and rent the other out for an additional revenue stream to pay off your mortgage faster

Flexible Design options

When it comes to building a duplex home, the design options are endless. At We Build Australia, our extensive range of home packages contains styles that are fit for any budget and lifestyle. Our duplex home builders will consult with you to create your ideal duplex design. Our unique selections are extremely flexible, with most of them capturing the luxury and simplicity of contemporary design. Selecting a modern and timeless design will enable you to increase the value of your duplex home, especially if you plan on selling your property. Particularly if your duplex is attracting first-home buyers, creating a modern space that does not require any renovation or repair could make your property stand out from others.

Duplexes are undoubtedly a great development option when it comes to maximising your investments. Whether you plan on selling one of your properties or renting it to a tenant, you are guaranteed to reap the benefits of building a duplex home. Due to the rules, regulations and costs, you are advised to meet with experienced duplex home builders who can direct you throughout the process. At We Build Australia, team of experts can help you understand your property’s potential in order to maximise your investment. Contact us today.

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