Out with the old, in with the new: 2019 Winter interior trends for your dual occupancy home

Temperatures are dropping, the rain is slowly beginning to fall and shorter days are here.

Winter is near, but there is no need to fear. This means less time outdoors and more time indoors. Making your dual occupancy home an environment where you actually want to spend time in is important. As the cooler months draw closer, your home is the place you’re going to want to be.

It could quite possibly be time to upgrade your interiors to help you stay cozy, warm and comfortable for all the movie nights ahead!

Winter is the perfect opportunity to revamp your home while the weather is cooler and to add special elements to your home, making it snug, warm and complete for the cold, without feeling as though you are constrained!

Dual occupancy homes: Winter trends alert

When it comes to conceptualising new decor for the interior of a dual occupancy home, it is crucial to consider the size of the entire space that is available. A dual occupancy home is relatively smaller than most houses as they are dual living arrangements, comprising of two integrated living areas on one area of land.

Although beautiful and luxurious, it is no surprise that decor can either create the illusion of space or create clutter.

It is important to use colour concepts and decor ideas that are kind to the amount of space available in the living space.

Although smaller, the ability to style it effectively is not discounted in any way, shape or form! Below are a few ways to optimise living spaces in a dual occupancy area:

  • Neutrals never die – invest in neutral coloured furniture:
  • Neutrals are a part of a palette that never dies. Appropriate for every colour scheme you could desire, the simplicity of neutral colours ensures that the direction of your interior vision can be successful. With neutral tones, there are no limits!

  • Be bold – contrast your decorative finishes with your neutral furniture:
  • The use of simple contrasting tones not only brings interest and character to a room, yet creates a minimalistic wow-factor. Neutrals can sometimes fall flat when there is no colour. This is why the simple addition of mixed metals or fluffy textures can transform the space within an instant. Some tones popular in 2019 include:

    • Emerald greens
    • Deep navy
    • Bold burgundy
    • Luscious mustard
  • “It’s got to be funky!” – Incorporate acrylic furniture:
  • Incorporating finishing touches such as acrylic furniture to your living room can help create an illusion of a larger amount of space. Lucite and acrylic furniture is making a comeback this winter, available in various shapes and sizes. Adding simple furniture pieces such as the ‘ghost chair’ or an acrylic side table, helps create a luxe look.

  • We love wallpaper
  • An emerging trend this winter is incorporating large scale print wallpapers within key spaces of a home. A great way of including wallpaper within your home is using designs which have botanical prints, bringing the outdoor vibe to you. This is especially great for the winter, as let’s face it, you aren’t going to be spending much time outside. Wallpaper may seem to be a massive commitment, but it doesn’t have to be. With so many peel and stick options, you can change up the atmosphere of your room every season. Adding wallpaper prints helps create a warm feeling within the home and can also add a pop of colour.

  • Make a statement
  • Making a statement is never frowned upon. A quick and easy way to uplift a room is by incorporating one item that becomes the focal point of the space. Adding a bold piece of art, graphic rug for the winter or a textured side sofa can make a transcendent difference. Some unique ways of doing this include:

    • Oversized art: Creating an eye-catching moment as soon as you enter the room, oversized art is a trend this season – using a colour wheel, select an artwork that is contrasting to neutrals, still complements the overall scheme of the room. Selecting 1-3 colours for the artwork is helpful, to ensure that the room is not overwhelmed by the decorative piece.
    • Area rugs: Rugs can be an amazing means of creating a deep, warm essence in a room. Adding a striking rug, whether in pattern or colour, can play a vital role in the overall aura of your home. However, be sure that the colour of the rug complements your furniture to add character, not disorder. Geometric patterns are ideal for smaller spaces as they add character, but keep the room aligned and ordered.
    • Throws or cushions: These are the most simple means of making a statement in your home. Incorporating either of these in a particular setting can improve your home drastically. When selecting a throw or cushion for your space, be sure to choose ones that are textured, graphic or even add a splash of colour to your area.  Mismatching patterns is also a growing trend. Pick 1 or 2 colours, and use those colours to create a multilayer of patterns and textures.

    A few extras to complement key trends for dual occupancy homes include:

    • Natural pieces of wood add warmth and elegance to a space – this can be incorporated around your home through the use of coffee tables, chairs, decorative items. Try not to overfill the room with wood; the minimal the wood, the more effective it looks.
    • Fluffy or oversized blankets are perfect for winter, adding texture and comfort to a room. It is easy, cheap and effective and can be the perfect addition to your movie night.
    • Copper and gold are also making a comeback this winter. These hues look incredible when coupled with wooden materials. This is best done when considering a minimalistic approach to your interior.

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