Working with a Custom Home Builder

In Sydney’s dynamic property landscape, working with a custom home builder boasts many benefits. If you have acquired a property and are considering whether you should renovate, knockdown and rebuild, or even develop multiple dwellings, the pros and cons are ample. With abundant opportunities for living and investment, many individuals are now choosing to customise their dream home with home builders. Engaging a custom home builder means that property owners and residents have the flexibility and simplicity of planning according to their ideal expectations and bringing their dream to life.

Building a home from the ground up allows for flexibility in planning, design and accounting for lifestyle choices. From finishing textures to incorporating a grand outdoor space, the limits can be endless.

We have listed the top benefits of working with a custom home builder:

Custom build means custom design – Working with industry professionals such as architects, engineers, interior designers and more means custom home builders have access to a whole network of suppliers and stakeholders in the design and build process. This means that not only can home-owners work with professionals to create their dream design, based on style, preference and lifestyle, but also that they have a gateway to expert guidance.

To include, or not to include – Another advantage of engaging a custom home builder means they are flexible to include (or exclude) according to your exact expectation. Inclusions are limitless so you can add as many or as luxury additions as you prefer. With growing trends in design, shifts in lifestyle and changes in preferences, we are seeing innovation in homes now more than ever.

Maximising space within allowance – Often with project home builders, they are confined to guidelines which prohibit them from building on certain types of land. Custom home builders work with certifiers and local councils to meet guidelines and design according to eligibility, while also maximising the potential of a space. Custom builders also have the expertise to guide and recommend property types and how you can maximise living and investment. For instance, this can be accounted for if considering multiple dwellings, such as dual occupancies or townhouses.

Setting the foundations – Generally when it comes to demolition and earthworks, most project home building companies choose to stick to basic, standard homes that may not require much groundwork. Custom builders on the other hand, are required to manage the build from start to finish which includes demolition, asbestos removal, earthworks, retaining walls, work around the natural environment to minimise environmental harm, and more.

Time, cost and efficiency – In working with custom home builders, the process is detailed, however, one of the most effective advantages is that it is within budget and timeframe. Custom home builders also allow for a more collaborative approach, working with their clients and suppliers to deliver beyond expectation.

At We Build Australia, we have extensive experience as leading custom home builders. We take the time to understand our clients and their objectives, building dream homes and the ultimate in living and investment spaces. To find out more, contact us.

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