A townhouse can be a lucrative investment as they offer investors a broad range of buyers and the opportunity for market-share within an established community. They are also a great housing option for residents wishing to provide other family members with housing whilst enjoying their own privacy. At We Build Australia, our Townhouse plans are versatile, innovative and designed to suit your financial objectives.


The development of townhouses across Australia has risen incredibly as a result of the excessive property prices of single homes. A major benefit of investing in a townhouse is that it can help increase the growth potential of the area it is built in. Townhouses also provide more accommodation per square meter of land, which can contribute to a larger density of population. This can potentially lead to support future infrastructure like cafes and local shops, offering an improved quality of life for local residents and in turn, the increase of property value.
Townhouses are undeniably an ideal development to maximise return on investment through selling and create an ongoing income through leasing. Townhouses also allow for flexible and modern architectural designs, which will create a pleasant street appeal and boost the value of the property.


At We Build Australia, we are committed to providing you with excellent service and superior quality. Our townhouse designs are functional, affordable and comfortable. From classic designs to contemporary spaces that enhance liveability, we pride ourselves on building homes that are designed to suit Australians. We also ensure that our townhouse designs will maximise living space so that you can optimise your investment profit. Our years of experience as Sydney townhouse builders mean that we understand the requirements of local councils for townhouse projects. With this knowledge, we guarantee an easy and prompt process of ensuring that your house plans are approved so that we can build your project in no time.
At We Build Australia, our in-house design team can create the ideal townhouses to suit the size and shape of the land. We will take into consideration your financial objectives and conduct a feasibility analysis to ensure that you achieve a high return on investment. With years of experience in the construction industry, we understand what’s required to suit the climate and conditions of your location, as well as the lifestyle of future tenants. Our custom packages are also available to assist you in choosing the most suitable single storey home design that meets your style preference. Our townhouse plans will cater to the needs and lifestyle of your family, as well as future tenants. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to personalise your townhouses to ensure that you maximise your return on investment.

With over 20 years of combined building experience, and the reputation of one of Sydney’s leading homebuilders, our passion for innovation, quality and craftsmanship is reflected in our motto, “We don’t just build dream houses. We build dream homes”.


Building affordable homes is at the core of our offering. Our vision is to create custom built townhouses to suit your budget, as well as the lifestyle of future tenants. Offering a wide range of package options, our team will take the time to understand your needs to ensure that you achieve your desired design at a price that suits you.


Townhouses can lead to tremendous earnings and a great return on investment. By renting out the extra properties, you are guaranteed to reduce the financial strain of mortgage repayments or even simply obtain the money as an extra investment.

Packages Available

Take advantage of one of our three packages and make your dream home a reality. Each of our available packages comprises start-of-the-art appliances and production designed for contemporary living. Our packages can also be tailored to suit your lifestyle and ideal design.