Double storey home builders in Sydney

Double storey home builders in Sydney

We are leading double storey home builders in Sydney.
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Two Storey House Plans That Maximise Your Living Space

Having the option to build vertically has many benefits to it. Building a double storey home maximises living space on a small block of land and allows for home owners to take advantage of potential views, while allowing more flexibility in the design and layout of their home. Our double storey designs are thoughtfully built taking into account a multitude of lifestyle needs, clever building methods and overall design aesthetics.

Why build a Double storey home?

The major benefit of a two-storey home is maximising your floor area to maintain spacious living areas like your bedrooms. By building upwards, you can also leave some land for a backyard area, a double garage or even a courtyard. Double storey designs are also a great option for narrow or sloped properties that might be difficult to fit a well-designed single level home. Two storey homes have also proved to offer better investment, delivering higher returns.

Two storey homes are convenient to create separate living areas who those who wish to maintain privacy. In fact, the majority of double storey homes usually incorporate guest bedrooms downstairs, so that they can have their own retreat on the upper floor. Double storey homes are also convenient for those who wish to separate work from leisure, like arranging your home office downstairs while your kids watch TV upstairs. Splitting your home in two will also optimise the comfort of your home, making it a pleasant place to unwind and relax.

A higher structured home comes with the luxury of abundant natural light, as well as having picturesque views from your balcony. This might be beneficial for someone who wishes to take advantage of surrounding landscapes and sceneries.
Double Storey House Builders


At We Build Australia, we are committed to providing you with excellent service and superior quality. Our double storey home designs are functional, affordable and comfortable. From classic designs to contemporary spaces that enhance liveability, we pride ourselves on building homes that suit each family’s lifestyle and budget. We also ensure that our double storey house designs will maximise your living space so that you can enjoy the luxury and comfort at an affordable price. Our years of experience as Sydney homebuilders mean that we understand the requirements of local councils for double storey house projects. With this knowledge, we guarantee an easy and prompt process of ensuring that your house plans are approved so that we can build your dream single storey home in no time.

With years of experience in the construction industry, we understand what’s required to suit the climate and conditions of your location, as well as the lifestyle of your family. Our custom packages are also available to assist you in choosing the most suitable double storey home design that meets your style preference. Our ultimate purpose is to help you custom build your dream home so that you can host family dinners, enjoy your household activities and simply unwind in your own private sanctuary. Our double story home plans will cater to the needs and lifestyle of your family members. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to personalise your double storey home, from the colour of your living room walls to the interior arrangements of your home office.

With over 20 years of combined building experience, and the reputation of one of Sydney’s leading homebuilders, our passion for innovation, quality and craftsmanship is reflected in our motto, “We don’t just build dream houses. We build dream homes”.




Building affordable homes is at the core of our offering. Our vision is to create your custom built dream home to suit your budget, as well as your lifestyle. Offering a wide range of package options, our team will take the time to understand your needs to ensure that you achieve your desired double storey design at a price that suits you.

Flexible Design

When building a double storey home we focus on the desired functionality of the layout. To help you build the home that’s absolutely right for your family, we will be with you throughout the entire process. Offer an extensive range of housing designs to suit different block sizes and configurations, our experienced team of professionals will be open to incorporate your ideas so that you can create your dream home.


We cover all forms of residential and light commercial construction in a meticulous way. Our motto is, “We don’t just build dream houses. We build dream homes”
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