Dual occupancy builders in Sydney

Dual occupancy builders in Sydney

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Increase your property value with our dual occupancy home designs.


Increase Your Property Value With Our Dual Occupancy Home Designs

According to the laws of the NSW state government, a dual occupancy can be defined as two dwellings on one title, either attached or detached. They have also classed differently to that of a granny flat or secondary dwelling.

Here are some benefits of dual occupancies:

  • Increase in property value: with the potential to increase your property up to 40% and if a Dual Occupancy Subdivision can be achieved when there is potential for properties to double in value.  
  • Another source of income: in addition to salaries, rental income of a 4-bedroom duplex in some suburbs of Sydney can mean up to $1400 in rent per week.
  • Minimise risk: risks will decrease with dual occupancy because if there are two properties, the risk of both being vacant is low.
  • Reduce cost of development: this can be achieved by selling one side of the dual occupancy.


Dual Occupancy Homes

When should you consider a dual occupancy design?

There’s a lot to think of when it comes to considering whether a dual occupancy design is right for you. There are some pros and cons and lots of research behind understanding dual occupancy laws and whether or not your property is eligible.

We Build Australia recommends considering a dual occupancy design if your property is located in an R2, R3, R4, or B1 zoned area. For properties located in E3 and E4 zoned areas, the permissibility of dual occupancies can be limited depending on the property in conjunction with local council rules and regulations.  

A dual occupancy design is perfect if you:

  • Currently, have a knock-down rebuild and want to build two new dwellings
  • Want to build a new dwelling behind an existing dwelling
  • Want to build two new dwellings on a vacant block of land

What can you do with a dual occupancy home design?

Dual occupancy home designs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to maximise their income, downsize their current dwelling or increase the value of their property. Dual occupancy designs can unlock the potential of property owners who may not realise how much their property is really worth.

A dual occupancy design means you are free to:

  • Live in one side and sell the other
  • Rent one and live in the other
  • Sell both sides
  • Rent both for a substantial rental return

It’s also important to factor in the council approval process. It can take between 3-6 months or longer to get dual occupancy designs through council approvals. At We Build Australia we will manage this operation for you and ensure that you are well equipped and well aware of the processes from the beginning to the end.



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Townhouses can lead to tremendous earnings and a great return on investment. By renting out the extra properties, you are guaranteed to reduce the financial strain of mortgage repayments or even simply obtain the money as an extra investment.


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