Builders in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Builders in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Builders in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Many know the Eastern Suburbs for its beautiful coastal treks, famous swimming spots, and being refuge for Sydneysiders and tourists on scorching summer days, but that’s not all this beautiful area has to offer.

The Eastern Suburbs is booming with construction for many reasons. Its attractive lifestyle and close proximity to the Sydney CBD are among a few reasons why developers and homeowners are choosing to build in this part of the state. We Build Australia, are expert Eastern Suburbs builders for those entering the market to build houses or apartments. According to fiscal figures released in June, construction is on the rise, so now is the perfect time.

Why build in the Eastern Suburbs?

With an increase of 2.5 per cent over the March-quarter figure and an even bigger increase over the year to date at 6.5, construction work is valued at a record $29.9 billion. Overall, building is booming in NSW, with an increasing amount of Aussies opting for the desirable lifestyle that the east has to offer.

Healthy lifestyles – The Eastern suburbs is known for its beautiful coastline with long stretches of sand, unleashed dog areas and hilly suburban streets. It promotes healthy lifestyles with plenty of coastal treks and beaches to explore. But if you think the only form of exercise is walking along or swimming in the beach, think again. Most streets in the East are on hills and may mean a walk to the local coffee shop is 2 kilometres away, uphill. Another reason why Eastern Suburbs builders, are noticing a boom in construction, because Aussies are always finding ways to stay fit and keep healthy.

Great for investment – Investment opportunities in the East are thriving. With world famous beaches like Bondi, tourism is always on the rise with people travelling from all over the world to visit this hot spot. Bondi beach is also home to Channel 10’s Bondi Rescue and is considered the fifth most popular beach in the country. Builders in the Eastern Suburbs know the area and its trends, building top quality projects to suit the lifestyle and climate of the area. The experts at We Build Australia, only build with quality materials and will cater to your specific preferences.

Easy to keep cool in summer – It’s no secret that Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs boast some of the best beaches and swimming spots in the world. Many flee to the beaches after work or for week or month long holidays for the summer to escape the heat and dip into crystal clear waters. Builders in the Eastern Suburbs know the climate and can create pads for just the summer or all year round. No matter what type of build, our team at We Build Australia will be able to cater to you.

If you’re looking for quality builders in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney speak to the experts at We Build Australia today! Our friendly team will be able to help with any design queries, as well as, certify and build your home at a competitive price. For more information call us today on 1300 000 122.



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